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Dear member of SUITMA family

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to the 10th international conference of the Working Group (WG) on Soils of Urban, Industrial, Traffic, Mining and Military Areas (SUITMA10) being held on June 16-21, 2019 in Seoul, Korea’s historic capital for more than 600 years.

The theme of SUITMA10 is SUITMA+20; visioning the future by reflecting on 20 years of SUITMA since its birth in 1998. SUITMA has progressed significantly. Sincere enthusiasm in sharing knowledge with its membership family is the ongoing legacy from its founding fathers. Understanding the properties, functioning, impacts and long-term evolution of soils from major human influences has given insights to the role of anthropogenic change whilst enabling improved management of urban ecosystems. Nine conferences since 1998 has seen an evolution of interests within SUITMA. Topics such as composition, properties, functions, pollution, remediation, mapping and evolution of urban soils were the original interests of SUITMA between 1998 and 2011; whereas since 2013 this has evolved to become increasingly focused on the functions and provision of ecosystem services in the urban environment.

The SUITMA10 organizing committee is working hard in preparation for the 7 scientific sessions, informative one-day technical visits, and unforgettable post conference tours. We are confident that all elements of the SUITMA10 program will engage and inspire participants as well as contribute to a sustained, happy and long-term future for WG SUITMA.

Sincerely yours,