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Call for Abstracts & Online Submission

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Special Issue on “Selected Papers from SUITMA 10”

All papers accepted for presentation at the conference will be considered for a Special Issue of the “Journal of Soils and Sediments” and “Soil Science”.

Please submit your abstract as soon as possible, but no later than February 28, 2019.

SUITMA 10 invites you to submit papers to share the findings of the latest cutting-edge research. The conference will bring together diverse group of professors, researchers and students from around the world specializing in SUITMA issues.

Accepted abstracts will be presented in the “Oral Sessions” and/or “Poster presentation (panel)” during the conference. All abstracts must be submitted through the online submission system (no template) of the SUITMA 10 conference website at Fax or Email submission is not acceptable.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Open September 1, 2018
Abstract Submission Due February 28, 2019
Notification of Acceptance March 26, 2019
Presenter's Registration Due April 30, 2019
Early Registration Due May 31, 2019

Theme & Session Topics

Theme SUITMA +20
Session Topics 1. Genesis and classification of SUITMA
2. Physical, geochemical and biological properties of SUITMA
3. Ecosystem services and biodiversity in SUITMA
4. Contamination and remediation of SUITMA
5. Restoration of SUITMA for human health and ecosystem services
6. Understanding SUITMA for urban agriculture
7. Policy and education strategies for recognizing importance of SUITMA

Submission Guidelines

  • Abstracts MUST be prepared in English.
  • Title of the abstracts must be concise and indicative of the content of the abstract and avoid using abbreviations in the title.
  • Abstract may NOT exceed 350 words (text only), and must include four areas:
    : A brief statement on the purpose of the study and the current state of research in the field.
    : The methods of study or experimental approach must be defined briefly.
    : A summary of the study results, including sufficient details to support those conclusions.
    : A statement describing the significance of the work and its implications for further research.
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